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Evaç Furniture Store & Kayalar Mall


It is a company that has been serving for more than 25 years with its strong equity structure, quality, reliable, honest service understanding and expert staff. It is an organization that meets the needs of our customers by conducting supply and demand research in the market, makes technological investments for this purpose, and provides expert personnel support before and after sales.






furniture store Founded in 1996 with the vision of "becoming an innovative and global brand with international value in the furniture industry", Kayalar Çarşı ( Evaç Furniture ) has become one of the few companies in its field with its investments and successful strategies. Kayalar Çarşı makes its suppliers produce original, modern, high quality and trendy designs and brings them together with its customers all over word with the assurance of service, assembly and after-sales service .





We believe in making the most of life's simple pleasures - it's the little things that matter. Precious moments of uncomplicated happiness are our constant inspiration, and it is with these in mind that we create collections that are built to last and become an intimate part of our everyday lives.









furniture store





Evac Furniture offer excellent choice and value including a huge selection of world-renowned furniture brands, so we have everything you need to furnish your home in a style you love. We look forward to welcoming you into our family.







Esenyurt Doğan Araslı Boulevard, Esenyurt Kıraç provides service with its Esenyurt ,Kıraç Vestel Showroom, Avcılar Profilo Showroom, Avcılar Furniture and its stores in Arnavutköy.Kayalar Çarşı, which looks to the future with hope with the power it receives from its customers, aims to always go forward with stronger steps by renewing itself day by day.














It follows your order with you and informs you in advance by e-mail and telephone in case of early delivery or possible delay.We are waiting for you at the other end of 0 (554) 160 29 30 for your questions about Ordering, Delivery and Assembly about your products.


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