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Dining Room Sets 



In big houses, especially in the decoration of old houses, dining and playing areas are considered as separate rooms. But nowadays, due to the fact that most families live in small houses, usually all these spaces are placed in the dining room .

The arrangement of dining room furniture and dining table in such spaces is of particular importance because any decoration mistake can make your room look crowded and cramped. You should be able to establish a balance in your open plan living room by intelligently choosing the location of the furniture and its appropriate size and define each space and its function well.

If you also want to combine your dining room and living room , the result should be two independent but harmonious environments that complement each other.

The height of the table and chairs is the only thing that you should not worry about and consider its dimensions. The dimensions of the dining table and chairs are made according to the standard. But even about tables and chairs, there is a lot of variety. While choosing kitchen furniture, consider the decor, lifestyle and how much you are going to use this space, then go shopping.


Contemporary dining room


Tables and chairs that have smaller dimensions and are popular in modern decoration are also suitable for fans of contemporary style. In newer tables and chairs, functionality is more important than beauty. Therefore, they try to reduce the dimensions as much as possible and avoid large and cumbersome chairs.


Commuting dining room


The first thing you should do before arranging the dining room furniture and dining room table is to choose your decoration style. Then you should have the exact size of your room so that you can create easy movement paths in the room. It is true that measuring the space and paying attention to the use of this space for you is necessary for arranging furniture, but it is not enough.

When arranging the furniture in the living room, you should pay attention to easy traffic, location of doors and windows, and lighting sources.Before you physically arrange your furniture, it is better to draw different types of arrangements on paper.

Try to observe the scales on paper and test all possible options. Note that all the routes in the room must be clearly defined on paper.



Arrangement of dining room furniture 



To begin with, you can define your space by using the sofa and placing it in the center of the room. The back of your sofa should face the dining area so that you can separate these two areas.

To complete the decoration of your living room, it is better to place one or two chairs around the table in front of the sofa. The arrangement of your furniture around the center table should not deviate from the U or L shape.

Such an arrangement can well define the living space and form an independent environment.

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