Ağaç Living Room Set

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Wood Dining Room Sets

Looking for a stylish dining set? In what places is the dining set used? What issues should we pay attention to when buying a dining room set ? You have come to the right place! Accompany us in Evaç store to inform you about these issues.


The importance of using different furniture such as: dining room set has increased in recent years because its use is accompanied by advantages that, considering these advantages, almost all members of the society try to prepare it and it can be said that furniture and dining sets are integral parts of our lives.


Perfect for intimate dinner parties or holidays with the whole family, a formal dining room set is just what you need to dine and entertain in style. Whether your style is, the clean lines of contemporary dining sets or the classic details of traditional dining sets, you are sure to find a formal dining set that's just right for your dining room.

Dining room sets are a fast way to make a dining room look perfectly pulled together. Our dining room table and dining room chair sets also give you comfort and durability in a big choice of styles. And less time searching for dining tables and chairs means more time for sharing good food and laughter with family and friends.



Module Genişlik Derinlik Yükseklik
175 cm 42 cm 60 cm
175 cm 86 cm 76 cm
175 cm 86 cm 76 cm
60 cm 55 cm 80 cm
175 cm 42 cm 45 cm
175 cm 42 cm -





Set Content
1 TV Unit, 1 Dining Table, 4 Chairs, 1 Bench, 1 Bench Cushion, 1 Console.

Product Material
All parts of the product are solid spruce. The legs and handles are metal colored with black paint.
Additional info Care Suggestion: Do not leave hot objects on it. It should not be used outdoors. It should be protected from direct sunlight, wet and very humid environments. Cleaning should be done with a slightly damp soft cloth, chemical product contact should be avoided. Direct contact with water and other liquids is not suitable. Additional Information: Since solid wood is a natural material, the distribution of wood tones and knot structure may vary slightly from product to product.


Shipment, pay, after-sales support
1.For products that are abroad, the production time is 30 days. depending on the location of the country you are in, you can find out the time the product will reach you on the whatsapp support line.
2.İf you do not pay the saddle when you request the shipping fee for the product you have received from the company, the price given is valid only for that day.
3.All controls are provided before your products leave the factory and they come to you safely.
4.Additional term duration is requested from our customers who want architectural and special design.
5.You can use this product with peace of mind under the manufacturer's warranty for 2 years.
6.İf there is a problem or missing part when the product reaches you, please contact the sales consultant via whatsapp.

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