Hürrem Avangarde Sofa Set

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Hürrem Avant-Garde Sofa Set that will suit your living room is here.
Hürrem-Avangart Sofa Set, which emerged with bold moves, professional touches and art melting into the classical style and reflecting its noblest form, also promises comfort.

The most classic way to capture your style is Hürrem-Avangart Sofa Set..

Hürrem-Avangart Sofa Set

Let's make your dreams concrete with classic designs that will accompany your spaces!

A tasteful sofa set with elegant patterns and the use of classic materials.

- Imported fabric feature

- Medium hard seat softness

- Classic design

Team Content
3+ 3+1

Fabric Content
Babyface yarn consisting of polyurethane and acrylic derivatives was used.

Fabric Feature
Imported fabric, tightly woven knitted fabric was used.

Session Softness
Medium Hard

Session Cushion Material
36 Density Soft Sponge

Back Model
Quilted high back model

Fabric Care / Cleaning
Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner. Wipe the stain using a wet cloth and pure soap and rinse with water. If necessary, you can dry it with a hair dryer without getting too close.

Product group
Sofa Set

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