Santana Sofa Set

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Santana Sofa Set Model will beautify your living room.
The most ideal designs that integrate with your unique personality brought by regular lines and iconic forms, aesthetics and durability. While these are not enough to describe the Strip Sofa Set, how about having this experience? Santana Sofa Set is waiting for you to be discovered..

Team Content
3+3+1 (One with bed, one without bed)

Skeleton and Foot Material
It is made of hornbeam wood, reinforced with an iron construction case. The feet are made of metal.

Fabric Feature
Imported fabric was used.

Session Softness
High Dns, special soft sponge was used.

Fabric Care / Cleaning
Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner. Never use bleach or detergent. Wipe the stain using a wet cloth and pure soap and rinse with water. If necessary, you can dry it with a hair dryer without getting too close.

Product group
Sofa Set

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