Marca Sofa Set

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Imagine a house with the warm touches of the sun entering your home... Beautify this warmth with your carefully selected design objects. With Marca Sofa Set, this is no longer a dream. Marca Sofa Set is waiting for you to be discovered..

Team Content

Skeleton and Foot Material

Fabric Feature
Woven fabrics. Stain and dust resistant wipeable Zen fabric is used.

Session Softness
Soft 30 DNS extra soft sponge

Foot Color

Foot Type
high above ground

Fabric Care / Cleaning
Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner. Never use bleach or detergent. Wipe the stain using a wet cloth and pure soap and rinse with water. If necessary, you can dry it with a hair dryer without getting too close.

Product group
Sofa Set





Product Width Height Depth
Three Seat 236 cm 112 cm 90 cm
Armchair 75 cm 110 cm 100 cm

Shipment, pay, after-sales support
1.For products that are abroad, the production time is 30 days. Depending on the location of the country you are in, you can find out the time the product will reach you on the whatsapp support line.
2.If you do not pay the saddle when you request the shipping fee for the product you have received from the company, the price given is valid only for that day.
3.All controls are provided before your products leave the factory and they come to you safely.
4.Additional term duration is requested from our customers who want architectural and special design.
5.You can use this product with peace of mind under the manufacturer's warranty for 2 years.
6.If there is a problem or missing part when the product reaches you, please contact the sales consultant via whatsapp.

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