Tosko Bed Room Set

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Tosko Bed Room Set

A striking interpretation of aesthetics and comfort!
A complete wonder of design with its elegance and elegance..
- Modern Design, The beauty of wood,
- Noble and elegant stance
- High quality


First class chipboard material was used in its production.

Team Content
1 Wardrobe, 1 Bedstead and Headboard, 1 Dresser and Mirror, 2 Nightstands

Foot Information

Bed Size

Drawer/Door Mechanism
Retarding tandem rails are used on drawers and doors.
Cabinet Content
Hanger, Drawer, Shelf

Product Type
Bedroom Set

Product group



Product Extent Height Depth
Wardrobe 240 cm 220 cm

67 cm

Bedstead 174 cm 40 cm 211 cm
Dresser 135 cm 82 cm 45 cm
Commode 60 cm 45 cm 45 cm


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3.All controls are provided before your products leave the factory and they come to you safely.
4.You can use this product with peace of mind under the manufacturer's warranty for 2 years.
5.İf there is a problem or missing part when the product reaches you, please contact the sales consultant via whatsapp.

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